The Remix Project

by J Beatz



Mode FM’s J Beatz is back again with another EP in 2017. Having just patterned up the ‘Maggie’ EP alongside fellow Mode FM resident and producer Spooky, the work-rate doesn’t stop as the Crown Jules head honcho has put together another project featuring a bunch of talented producers called ‘The Remix Project’, an EP consisting of a number of J Beatz productions reworked into silky remixes.

J Beatz has gained a reputation over the years for having a penchant for reworking productions with real aplomb. But it’s not just him that knows how to make certified bangers in the remix game as J Beatz has gathered together an all-star group of producers consisting of Scope, Spooky, Limit, Juzlo, Potentz & Sware together for this impressive project.

Depending on your mood, there’s different ways to take in ‘The Remix Project’. Calmly enjoying the slow, relaxed vibes that come from Limit’s remix of ‘Blue Moon’ or the Flight Mode Mix of ‘Lay Down’ will make you feel like putting your feet up, taking in their tranquil melodies. Potentz’s take on ‘Green Phlegm’ and Scope’s reworking of ‘Chestplate’ however do the opposite and instead of toning things down, they up the ante, these tracks are far from calm with the sort of frantic temperament that would be more suited towards a busy rave. It’s nice to hear different versions of the same tracks on the EP, the producers involved have their own unique traits that make their sound, Spooky’s bullish remix of ‘Hybrid’ for example is full of drums and claps alongside a rolling bassline that comes and goes. It contrasts with Sware’s more elegant approach to his ‘Hybrid’ remix, the percussion sounds used are similar but with a more polished flair.

Remixes aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, especially if they go too awry, straying so far from the original sounds that they don’t bear much resemblance to the original productions. The quality of the tracks within ‘The Remix Project’ however cannot be doubted as there is some real talent on display in this compilation. J Beatz’s tireless efforts to push the sounds of his Crown Jules label is to be commended and providing a basis for other equally talented producers to shine will only encourage the growth of the producer game in grime.


released July 13, 2017



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Crown Jules London, UK

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